Uniting capital with bright ideas

Hunting for investment opportunities that align with your goals and objectives can be a time-consuming and challenging business. The markets these days contain a bewildering array of asset classes, strategies, vehicles and structures. What’s more, some asset classes rapidly overheat in popularity and become over-priced and beyond the efficient reach of investors who don’t have exceptionally deep pockets.

Cutting through the noise generated by such a crowded market is a key element of the service provided by Mellstock Strategic Connections – a division of Mellstock, the investment marketing and communications specialists. Our skilled selection processes can access world-class opportunities that often elude the reach of more modest investors – importantly, we specialise in first-mover and early-market ideas that are often the preserve of large Sovereign Wealth Funds and Institutions.

Working closely with carefully-selected and suitably-qualified managers and product providers, Mellstock Strategic is at the forefront of new ideas and opportunities. We love to unite capital with bright ideas.

Our Business Development Director Tony Trescothick and his team have collectively over fifty years of capital industry experience across a wide range of asset classes, funds and structures.

Specialising in Alternative Assets, but with an emphasis upon traditional value-producing concepts, Mellstock Strategic regularly showcases new funds, products and services. Our platform includes seminars and workshops focused upon ideas we think you will like.


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